Williamsburg Funeral Home


Mable W. Rogers 

Colvin Howard Manning 

Norman M. Gause 

Frances E. Tisdale 


William S. "Steve" Chew 

Raymond A. Woods, Sr. 

William A. Edwins, Jr.
Dawn Marie Haines
Laverne L. “Frog” McCutcheon
Robert L. Arnette, Sr.
Maybelle Moore Thomas
Phyllis Ann Thompson Lifrage
Robert Lee “Bobby” Mims
Miriam G. Reardon
Wilhelmina Epps Overby
Lonnie Paul Baylor, Jr.
R. Olin Taylor
Joe F Street
Joyce A. Moore
Hazel Roberta Brown
Rev. Luther J. Shuman, Jr.
Isaac Ervin Tisdale
Hampton I. Perry
Barbara Ann Cook White
James Verdo “Jimmy” Wilson
Koon “H.K.” Heins, Jr
Virginia H. Joye
James Willie Thompson
George A. Benton, Sr. 
Ethan Kinard McClary
Michael Eugene Tisdale
Ruth Bessinger Boatwrigh
Barbara Lifrage Tomlinson
James McIver Williamson, II
Richard “Dick” Herman Kellahan
Mary Johnson Thompson
Clarice “Betty” Strong
David Arnold Coker
Reese F. Morris
Ellen  S. Evans 
Darlene M. Ray
Delma McClam
John M. “Jack” Crosby
David Marvin Browder
June L. Brown
Olive Madge Frierson DeCaro
Virginia Rhem Hinson
George B. Hammet
Cecil Eugene "Gene" Hall, Jr.,
James Andrew Sigmon
Ethel Lena Vause Thompson
Anthony Christopher “Tony” Spearman
Thomas Alexander “Tommy” Blakely, Jr
Mary Catherine Nexsen Rohe
George Kramer Carter,
Cynthia W. Powell 
Daniel Allen “Danny” McFaddin
Margaret Emmie Wilson Scott
Norma Ann Nexsen Norman
Margaret Rogerson Witherspoon 
Katherine Elaine “Kathy” Duke Bouchett
Ethel Grace Shepler Brown,
James Clyde Kirton, II
George Leroy David




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